Soothing Clay Mask


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SR-Skincare White Clay Soothing Mask is suitable for all skin types but is best suited for those with sensitive skin or when your skin is particularly stressed.
Our Soothing Mask employs the gentlest of all the cosmetic clays and as it also incorporates soothing aloe vera and cucumber extracts will gently cocoon your skin in a calming blanket.

Clay masks have the ability to pull impurities and toxins from the skin and also provide a mild exfoliating action.  Your skin will feel softer and smoother and look brighter after use.

This mask might be the ideal choice for those with Rosacea as it will gently remove the congestion that builds up in the pores without unduly irritating the skin.
How to use.
Using the applicator apply a light covering of the mask to the complexion. Make sure the face (and neck if you wish) is completely covered but avoid putting the mask on the lips and eyelids.

Grab a drink, put on some music and sit back and relax while the mask does its work. Depending on how thickly you applied the mask it should be dry to the touch after about 15 minutes. Rinse the complexion with warm water until all traces of the mask are removed. Your skin will feel soft and smooth and look clean and refreshed. If your skin is a little dry then apply a light moisturiser.

Use once per week

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