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Polyhydroxy Acids are next generation skin exfoliants. This new class of peeling acid is milder and provoke little to no stinging or post application inflammation. For that reason they are regarded by dermatologists as superior to standard alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic, lactic, and mandelic acids. We have created a mandelic peel that combines the best of both types of acid.
With this new peel we can offer
improved outcomes
significantly reduced stinging and inflammation
improved moisturisation
anti-oxidant benefits
The go to peel for hyper-pigmented and blemished skin. Mandelic Acid Peel offers very similar benefits to other Alpha Hydroxy Acids such as Glycolic and Lactic Acid but has the added benefit of being able to help reduce blemishes, melasma and other pigmentation issues from the skin.

Mandelic Acid Peel Benefits:

Exfoliates dead skin cells from the surface leaving the skin softer, smoother, and brighter.

Encourages skin cell turnover and boosts collagen production

Regarded as the best peel for treating blemishes and hyperpigmention

The best peel for African, African American, and Asian skin types.

Considered to be less irritating than glycolic acid and therefore a better choice for sensitive skin types.

Mild solutions are reported to be effective on rosacea affected skin.

Mandelic Acid is the only Alpha-hydroxy acid that can work within the pores to relieve congestion and so can help reduce acne outbreaks and may reduce enlarged pores.

Which Strength?

10% – very mild. may be used twice weekly. Suitable for sensitive skin and first time users

15% – mild peel – used once per week. Provides slight exfoliation. Ideal for slight blemishes and pigmentation

20% – medium strength peel. Will provide slight peeling. Best choice for more significant blemishes.

What Will I Receive?

30ml Mandelic Peel as per choice
50ml Neutralising Gel
Applicator Brush
Instructions sheet


Sun exposure. Mandelic Acid will make the skin more prone to sun-damage. Ensure you use a sunscreen when out, especially in strong sunlight

Mandelic Peels do not suit everybody. Please ensure you carry out a patch test 24 hours prior to use

Mandelic Acid Side Effects
When purchasing a mandelic acid peel for home use it is important to make sure you receive a buffered solution, A buffered solution is one where the acidity of the peel solution is adjusted to minimise potential inflammation. SR-Skincare peel solutions are always buffered. Given that our mandelic peels are buffered and are available in only 10, 15, and 20 percent strengths there is little potential for side effects. Should your skin be unduly sensitive then you might experience a slight reddening of the skin followed by mild itching and some flaking of the skin. However these occurrences would be exceptional and even in the unlikely event that your skin does experience such an outcome please be assured that the skin will settle very quickly (within a day or two).

If purchasing this peel as a treatment for hyperpigmented or blemished skin then please consider combining a mandelic acid peel with one of our blemish reducing creams. (see links below). The combination of peel and blemish reducing cream will provide a synergistic boost and enhance the blemish reduction process.

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10%, 15%, 20%


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